Honor the Dead by Helping the Living

Veterans of Foreign Wars
Post 12093
'John Lukac'

Annual Dues $45.00

Post Membership information

Joining Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States Post 12093 'John Lukac' or transferring in are very much the same procedure. This makes sense when you realize that the National VFW membership requirements are minimums and that each Post has the right to set additional standards. We do not know of any Post which actually does set additional standards but it is possible and allowed. Examples might be a Post which accepts only commissioned officers or only general officers or only sergeants-major or only privates or only Marines or only motorcycle riders or only veterans of a specific conflict or even a specific battle. Additionally, each Post may charge an admission fee and Post dues above those set by the National VFW. National no longer approves Post By-laws which do not include a clause that the Post annual dues must cover National and Department dues. An admission fee is authorized by the National VFW but set by the Post. Such an admission fee might have to be paid by any member joining or transferring in before becoming a member of such a Post. Once again, we know of no Post which actually does this in the Las Vegas area.

The admission procedure discussed by the National VFW By-laws, Manual of Procedure and the VFW Ritual as practiced by this Post is:

  1. The Applicant fills out, dates and signs the Application for Membership.
  2. The recruiter receives the Application for Membership, "Proof of Eligibility" and any dues and other fees to be paid. Currently, the Post's annual dues are $45.00 and there are no other fees.
  3. The Application, "Proof of Eligibility" and funds are given to the Quartermaster. The "Proof of Eligibility" can be given directly to the Review Committee.
  4. The Quartermaster deposits any funds or, in the case of a transfer with no additional funds due, verifies that the applicant's dues are paid up to date and so notes on the application in the appropriate section.
  5. The Quartermaster retains the first (flimsy) copy of the Application or a scanned copy and then gives the "Proof of Eligibility" and hard copy of the Application to the Review Committee.
  6. The Review Committee reviews the "Proof of Eligibility" and the Application. They recommend acceptance to the Post or not and three members must sign the application below the mark indicating the recommendation for acceptance or rejection.
  7. The Application and Proof of Eligibility are then given to the Adjutant who brings the matter up at the next regular business meeting. At that time, the Review Committee gives its report recommending acceptance or rejection. The Quartermaster reports on the dues and fees status and then the Post votes on the member. Normally, this is a voice vote.
  8. Assuming the Post votes to accept, the Candidate immediately becomes a member with the right to speak and vote at meetings. If the new member has never been initiated, the new member is called "Recruit" followed by their name or office and, once initiated, is called "Comrade" in the same manner. If the Post rejects a transfer, it simply does not happen and the Comrade remains a member of the old Post or "Member-at-Large." Any one so rejected or an applicant to become a new member to the VFW can still apply to any other Post, apply to be a "Member-at-Large" or reapply to this Post after 12 months.

At VFW Post 12093 John Lukac, the Post Adjutant is also Chairman of the Review Committee which speeds the process. (Fewer transfers of the application and other documents.) All officers not financially accountable or responsible for overseeing recruiting are members of the Review Committee. This means that all elected and appointed officers of the Post except the Quartermaster, Trustees, and the Senior Vice Commander, who is always the Recruiting Chairman, are members of the Review Committee. As three signatures are required, Post By-laws set the quorum for the committee at three.

To make application forms more readily available, this Post has created its own version in PDF format which can be filled out online and then printed for sigining and submission to the Post. This form CANNOT be used for the Installment Life program. For Installment Life applications, contact the Post Senior Vice Commander for a copy of the National Form.

Post Application

This is the National VFW brochure which explains membership eligibility for the National VFW.

Contact the Post Senior Vice Commander at (702)688-7966 extension 105 or SVCommander@VFWPost12093.org for assistance.

July 20, 2015 by "Good Time"