Post Event Calendar Now on Google

VFW Post 12093 'John Lukac' has copied the events (calendar items) from our web calendar application to a new Google calendar. To subscribe to the calendar, here are the instructions from Google with only change being the correct information to reach our Event Calendar inserted.

"You can't add other people's calendars from the Google Calendar app. However, once you add the calendars from your computer, you'll see them in the app."

  1. On your computer, open Google .
  2. On the left side of the page, find Other calendars.
  3. In the box, type the name or email address of the person whose calendar you want to see. Select their name. {}

As the calendar is shared publicly, you'll see the events on your calendar immediately.

"Tip: To show or hide their calendar, click the person's name in the "Other calendars" section." This tip applies to both the computer web view of your Google calendar and the Google Calendar app separately.